ASP.NET Tiff Viewer

ASP.NET Ajax Based Multipage Thumbnail Tiff File Viewer

If you are looking for a 100% managed ASP.NET MVC tiff viewer for your web based projects that require a solution for online web based tif viewer from aspx ( server pages and mvc razor view engine), then our cost effective ajax based tif file viewer will suit you best.

You can view thumbnails and full view of page along with on-the-fly, on demand page loading with ajax support. You can also configure caching options to cache pages in advance, this would save page loading time. Functions like zoom, rotate, deskew, print and more. All of these available out of the box, no installations or activeX required on client PC. Just drag and drop controls on webforms and call method to load the tiff file on path from server and you are done! You can also annotate the tif file from page, using shapes like rectangle, circle, stamps, freehand etc. The annotations can be burnt over tif file or saved to a XML or custom file and then loaded back at any later time.

You might think what is new in this? All of such functions are available already from many third party tiff viewer controls for viewing tif files, but wait! have you ever seen their cost ?? Their license costs just kills you! We charge one-time license fee, no additional fees for user, servers with life time free support and product upgrades. Install it where you like!

Try our tiff viewer for free, download a 30 days demo today!

Following are the individual license costs for ASP.NET, Silverlight and Winforms versions:

Special discount offers for year 2023

  • Professional License: ASP.NET USD 149299, Silverlight USD 99 Winforms USD 149199 (Single Domain for and Silverlight, royalty free distribution for Winforms)
  • Enterprise License: ASP.NET USD 299599, Silverlight USD 149299 (Multiple Domains, royalty free distribution)
  • Annotation Add-On (optional): ASP.NET or Silverlight or Winforms USD 99199
Note: ASP.NET, Silverlight, Winforms license are not bundled. All licenses include life-time free email support and upgrades. We do not provide phone / priority support. For more details request a demo today!