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Silverlight Tiff Viewer

Silverlight 4.0 Multipage Thumbnail Tiff File Viewer In .NET

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Our silverlight tiff viewer gives you a rich user experience of multipage tif file viewing right from the browser with both thumbnail and full preview of pages. Similar to tiff file viewers available for window based application. You can zoom in and out, rotate page, delete page right from the silverlight plugin without sending any file or pages back to server! You can also annotate the tif file from silverlight, using shapes like rectangle, circle, stamps, freehand etc. The annotations can be saved to a XML or custom file and then loaded back at any later time.

The control offers quick display of Tiff images using state-of-art client side rendering engine. By reducing the server load you can achieve better performing yet scalable applications. You can open tiff from stream (from a webservice) or from http, and also print tiff file without installing any Active-X or plugin.

Try our silverlight tiff viewer for free, download a 30 days demo today!

Following are the individual license costs for ASP.NET, Silverlight and Winforms versions:

  • Professional License: ASP.NET USD 299, Silverlight or Winforms USD 199 (Single Domain for and Silverlight, multiple PC for Winforms)
  • Enterprise License: ASP.NET USD 599, Silverlight USD 299 (Multiple Domains, royalty free distribution)
  • Annotation Add-On (optional): ASP.NET USD 199 and Silverlight or Winforms USD 99
Note: ASP.NET, Silverlight, Winforms license are not bundled. All licenses include life-time free email support and upgrades. We do not provide phone / priority support. For more details request a demo today!